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Continuing Education

The following workshops are available for ProVet member clinics:

The ProVet Seminar Difference

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ProVet Seminar Series 2

Getting an Additional 1000 L From Your First Lactation Heifers



Late March / Early April 2023

Housing and Environment and Calf Program Introduction

Includes discussion of different bedding types, space requirements, managing adequate ventilation, along with small group breakout discussions organized by housing type. Additionally this session introduces calf programs and what they entail.


March 1, 2023 (East)

March 10 , 2023 (West)

Colostrum and Feeding Management

Includes practical assessment of colostrum quality and how to use the information, storage methods and tips, as well as feeding and weaning management strategies and troubleshooting.

See times and location details below


Late Nov / Early Dec 2023

Taking Action on Calf Data

Includes simple ways to routinely record data as well as actual examples of changes made based on data, return on investment calculations, and discussions with producers who are currently enrolled in calf programs and the improvements they have seen from being part of the program. This session also covers managing the updates to the calf section the Code of Practice.

Coordinated by Ann Godkin as well as Multiple ProVet Calf Health Practitioners and Industry Experts

Where possible, BARN TOURS will be included in each session.


Friday, March 10, 2023



Time / Location TBD

Barn Tour:  

Time / Location TBD



Cost includes: 

  • three meetings (as per topics above)

  • two additional data collections and  disbursements (for each producer)

  • meeting lunches

  • barn tours


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Session: 10:00 - 1:30

  Princeton Centennial Hall
35 Main St. S, Princeton, ON

Barn Tour:  2:00–3:00

Larenwood Holsteins

935603 Blenheim Rd., Drumbo, ON

Prefer to register offline?

Contact your herd vet clinic


Note: To register, you must be a client of one of our Member Clinics

Continuing Education

The ProVet Network is proud to have Ann Godkin as our Coordinator of Education.

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