Continuing Education

The following workshops are available for ProVet member clinics:

The ProVet Seminar Difference

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Taking Herd Health to the Next Level

Milk Quality – "Selling Only the Best"

Topics include:

February 2020

Dry Cow Therapy Programs

Includes an initial bench-marking overall udder health session using  participant provided data)  – then specific to this topic, considerations around reducing antibiotic use (some dry cow management discussion), sealant use, reducing milk production, risks around leaking cows, keeping track of what happens and monitoring outcomes

March 2020

Lactational Therapy Programs

Includes some diagnostics, setting up standardized treatment programs, economics of therapy, record keeping and monitoring outcomes, vaccination considerations.​

November 2020

Reassessment and Comparison

...of bench-marking (as of Nov 2020 vs 12 months ending Nov 2019) – progress sharing, frustrations, new developments, refinement of milk quality programs for implementation in winter 2021.

Western Ontario

Choose the session that pertains to your situation 

February 3 – Free Stall

February 4 – Tie Stall

February 5 – Robot


Stone Crock, St. Jacobs, ON

Follow up meetings in March and November


for the entire year-long series

Cost includes: 

  • three meetings (as per topics above)

  • two additional data collections and  disbursements (for each producer)

  • meeting lunches

Eastern Ontario

Choose the session that pertains to your situation 

February 25 – Free Stall

February 26 – Tie Stall

February 27 – Robot


Almonte, ON

Follow up meetings in March and November

To register contact your herd veterinarian

Registration is limited to 20 participants

To register, you must be a client of one of our Member Clinics

Continuing Education

The ProVet Network is proud to have Ann Godkin as our Coordinator of Education.