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A photo of cows grazing in a field (iStock)

A Network of Knowledge

Advancing the practice excellence of member clinics and their clients through the development of innovative skills and facilitating access to the latest technologies
Photo of a handshake with cows in the background (iStock)

Taking a collaborative team approach to our independent practices

Icon depicting the concept of collaboration


Clinic representation on Board of Directors

Reduced client costs with

group purchasing

Health data collection, analysis and benchmarking

Icon depicting the concept of advocating


Progressive, forward thinking

Skill Development


Icon depicting the concept of sharing



Knowledge and Expertise

Clinic efficiencies


Best practices

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, both professionally and personally

Thriving on challenges, including finding new and  better ways to approach animal health and production

Photo showing a farmer and veterinary reviewing a chart (iStock)
We believe in quality over quantity
ProVet is not about the number of veterinary clinics in the organization – 
it’s about the quality of people
Photo of a female veterinarian listening to a cows heart (iStock)

Challenging the status quo, so that rural clients and veterinary practices can thrive

An infographic showing the combined strength of muliple veterinary practices
Photo of a veterinary filling in informaton about a cow

Emphasizing proactive disease prevention 

in conjunction with data collection and analysis to meet client goals and optimize the farms bottom line

Tubing a Calf
IV Treatment on a Cow
Stomach Pumping a Cow
Down Cow Procedure
Fresh Cow Procedures

The following videos are provided by the ProVet Alliance Team to assist you in maintaining your herd health.

We will be adding more videos in the future so check back here often for these and other educational opportunities.

Continuing Education

The ProVet Network is proud to have Ann Godkin as our Coordinator of Education.

Photo of Ann Godkin, Coordinator of Education for the ProVet Alliance
The largest, rurally focused, multi-species veterinary organization in Canada
Background image of a location map

Find a ProVet Clinic Near You

20+ clinics in our network are ready and waiting to serve you.

The logo of the ProVet Alliance
Five stars depicting rural practice service and excellence

The ProVet name stands for 

rural practice and service excellence

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